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If your child has been suspected or diagnosed as having a disorder, you might find yourself confused, not sure what that means. What exactly is the problem? Has he or she displayed behavior or academic progress which someone has deemed abnormal? That's when the labels begin. And perhaps you aren't sure what to do, what to think, and are left unsure of which way to turn.

Understandably, you might not be aware of just what the consequences for your child's future might be, in accepting all of this just as it is presented to you.

To clear up this the confusion which gives way to such diagnoses as “behavioral disorders” (ADHD, etc.) or “learning disorders” (dyslexia, etc.) for millions of children, it's crucial to familiarize oneself with the true definitions of words such as Disorder, Illness, Symptom, etc.

Such men as Galileo Galileo in founding the Scientific Method, and Rudolf Virchow in the field of medicine, established their unshakeable rules for what can pass as science and modern medicine—rules to which we still firmly ascribe today.

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