Roberto Cestari


Physician, surgeon, renowned researcher. Additionally, his career has spanned appointments as medical director/supervisor and resident physician for various clinics and hospitals throughout Northern Italy. Dr.Cestari's research and studies have taken him often to the USA, where he spent many years working in the interests of ethics, personal responsibility, and human rights violations in the fields of medicine and psychiatry, alongside Professor Thomas Szasz (50-year Professor of Psychiatry at SUNY Upstate Medical University-Syracuse). Dr.Cestari is Italy's leading expert on matters of human rights in mental health, and is regularly called upon to consult in this field. Dr.Cestari single-handedly organized surprise visits on state-run mental asylums, enlisting the help and support of multiple members of Italy's Parliament, bringing to light dire circumstances within, which was documented by broadcasts on Italy's primary TV networks. He is the author of over 200 essays and articles written for numerous publications. His memoirs of the asylum raids and life's work fighting for human rights within the psychiatric industry are documented in his published book, Psychiatry's Deceit.


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