Giorgio Antonucci


Renowned physician, surgeon, and psychoanalyst, specializing in educational psychoanalysis. Dedicated the past 4 decades to transforming the psychiatric industry, and specifically psychiatric institutionalization, in search of ways to treat and house psychiatric patients with humanity, dignity, compassion, and non-traditional, effective treatment. This includes many years as standing director of inpatient psychiatric structures, and actively revamping and redesigning others, advocating for patients, their rights, approaches for their rehabilitation, and the design of their living facilities. His professional publications, journal contributions, and papers are countless, and span the last 40 years, and focus on the flaws and dangers of traditional psychiatry, analysis of common conditions, and narratives of his years of hands-on work and observations in the field of mental health. These, in addition, to numerous literary publications and contributions to literary journals of his poetry and essays.


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