Regina Biondetti


Physician and surgeon, specializing in pediatric medicine, with additional certification in psychoanalysis. Almost 30 years working, hands-on, in various psychiatric facilities, including consulting for centers specializing in treatment for substance abuse and addiction. Dr.Biondetti is also a renowned expert, speaker, and consultant on issues around psychological problems in children, youth, and factors contributing to problems in their education and propensity for substance abuse. She is an active lecturer in forums dedicated to the over-pathologizing of childhood and the use of psychopharmaceuticals in children, and is a professor for the Institute on Higher Education in Italy, holding courses on health and social services. Her countless publications and contributions deal with problems of childhood, education, parenting in today's society, substance abuse, therapy, abuse of psychiatric influence in cultural trends, and dispelling myths and misinformation around “disorders”. These contributions are in-demand for ongoing volumes of books, professional and academic journals, magazines, papers, and key websites and portals focusing on these topics.


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