Board of operations:


Elisabetta Armiato

Vice President

Dott. Rubens Giorgio Mattioli


Maria Luigia Losa


Panel of Advisors

The Panel of Advisors' authority oversees the intellectual and cultural direction of PENSARE oltre. Its members are not members of the association, carry out their work in full autonomy, and do not receive any compensation. They retain copyright on their written work, permitting its use and diffusion in support of the activities of PENSARE oltre.


Members of the advisory panel are:

Christian Anzinger

Regina Biondetti

Elia Roberto Cestari

Giuseppe O. Longo

Luisa Piarulli

Andrea Pirera

Ivano Spano


We are forever in debt to Thomas Szasz and to Giorgio Antonucci for their valuable collaboration with the Panel of Advisors, up until the day they passed away. The inspiration of their message and their writings remain the fundamental scientific/cultural guidelines on which PENSARE oltre is based.

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