Mirella Freni

Mirella Freni

"Spontaneity, which is essential for any artist, is innate in children. In songs even a scream can turn into poetry. An artistic talent creates only if he is free to dream and to set his voice free.

Cecilia Chailly

Cecilia Chailly

"Thanks to initiatives such as "PENSARE oltre we can hope for a better world, and join the fight to prevent that no child is deprived of the right to express the natural essence of  his soul."

Dottor Costa

"Children with curiosity and liveliness explore the environment and the world into which they are thrown. Their restlessness is no more than a feeling of delusion of a reality that is difficult to deal with, and we expect them to accept it.

Manuela Di Centa

Manuela Di Centa

"As a sport champion, I think that the values that I have always followed and that gave me stability can rappresent a source of strength for those children who have such a vitality and liveliness, and who could just find ways to express themselves with  sports at their best. A warm greeting and a “good luck” to this important interacion opportunity and thanks to all of those who try very hard to make a better society"

Mario Gomboli

Mario Gomboli

"Life seen as participation in the world around us - is a right for all. And Above all it is the right of children who therefore have the right to let their mind wander.

Bruno Bozzetto

Bruno Bozzetto"Do not accept a child because he is over-lively is like refusing a flower because it is too colorful."


Claudio Baglioni

Claudio Baglioni"We are the children of yesterday.  Shall take  the ones  of today by the  hand.  They will be the men of tomorrow."


Lina Wertmuller

"I am fully supportive of the Onlus Cultural Movement which has promoted this Movement to raise awareness of a new danger that threatens children. Children are the future, but they are also the most fragile part of society and we must protect them. Their only strength is formed from  assets are fantasy, enthusiasm, and vitality which must never be suffocated.



"There are really sacred battles, such as this, to defend the lives of our children, that you can not avoid fighting, even for those as us who are enemy of every war."



Sofia Loren
Maurizio Nichetti
Elena Sofia Ricci
Gabriele Salvatores
Lina Wertmüller


Bruno Bozzetto ( Sig. Rossi)
Massimo Bonfatti (Cattivik)
Alfredo Castelli ( Martin Myster)
Luca Enoc (Gea)
Mario Gomboli ( Diabolik)
Ro Marcenaro (Cuocarina)
Silver (Lupo Alberto)
Iginio Straffi (Winx)
Silvia Jacovitti (Jacovitti)


Giovanni Allevi
Ceciclia Chailly
Gustavo Dudamel
Ennio Morricone
Fabio Vacchi



Manuela Di Centa
Yury Chechi
Alberto Tomba
Alex Zanardi


Fabio Armiliato
Angelo Branduardi


Raffaele Paganini
Luciana Savignano


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