"Children with curiosity and liveliness explore the environment and the world into which they are thrown. Their restlessness is no more than a feeling of delusion of a reality that is difficult to deal with, and we expect them to accept it.

Their ability to deceive themselves leads them to the conviction that they can change the world, shape it, live and make it habitable for the future. This they can do with their imagination and their dreams. Let’s leave them to do what they do to find their talent and their art. Let’s not use drugs to extinguish their curiosity and fantasy, because we will be extinguishing their dreams and eliminating not only their future, but the future of humanity.”



Sofia Loren
Maurizio Nichetti
Elena Sofia Ricci
Gabriele Salvatores
Lina Wertmüller


Bruno Bozzetto ( Sig. Rossi)
Massimo Bonfatti (Cattivik)
Alfredo Castelli ( Martin Myster)
Luca Enoc (Gea)
Mario Gomboli ( Diabolik)
Ro Marcenaro (Cuocarina)
Silver (Lupo Alberto)
Iginio Straffi (Winx)
Silvia Jacovitti (Jacovitti)


Giovanni Allevi
Ceciclia Chailly
Gustavo Dudamel
Ennio Morricone
Fabio Vacchi



Manuela Di Centa
Yury Chechi
Alberto Tomba
Alex Zanardi


Fabio Armiliato
Angelo Branduardi


Raffaele Paganini
Luciana Savignano


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