We would like to thank PENSARE oltre celebrity ambassadors, hailing from all areas of the fine arts, and professional sports. Through their excellence in their fields and their humanitarian efforts, they inspire us, and embody our message.


Erika Lemay

Internationally Renowned Aerial Artist and Acrobat, star of today's most elite acrobatic productions
Year of nomination: 2015

My great fortune artistically was to have understood, at a very young age, that the very things that made me unique and different were exactly the gifts I needed to achieve success. In order to make it, every child must be able establish solid self-esteem, self-trust, and be given the chance to discover their passions. Rather than boxing them up and making them feel ashamed to be off the beaten path, we must assist them in nurturing their strong points, so that their truest talents can bloom. ” — Erika Lemay

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Raul Cremona

Actor, Stand Up Comic, and Illusionist
Year of nomination: 2016

"A magician is just a child who received his first boxed magic trick set on his tenth birthday, and 30 years later is still playing with it. A world of “normalcy” is a world without magic, one which squelch's the smile twinkling in every child's eyes. PENSARE oltre is giving back to each child the chance to create his own life." — Raul Cremona

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Fabio Armiliato

Tenore Star Performer
Year of nomination: 2016

"I dedicate this nomination to the memory of Daniela Dessì, lyric soprano of supreme greatness and international fame, my wife and companion on the International Lyric scene. Me and Daniela have supported PENSARE oltre since its birth, certain that art is fundamental in childhood education. Our commitment is to promote the talent of each person, so that they can grow with those cultural tools, fundamental for dealing with all sorts of discomfort without confusing it with "the disorder." Difficulties are part of the journey of life, tenacity, dedication and perseverance are the best answer to succeed, to feel joy and satisfaction in what we do. We owe it to ourselves, and to Daniela, as much as she gave us with her immense voice, with her untiring generosity." " — Fabio Armiliato

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